Throughout many years of debilitating migraines, I tried elimination diets, hormone replacement therapy, and prescription medications. I was unable to find relief. At the referral of a dear friend, I contacted Bill to begin acupuncture treatment. After a couple months of consistent acupuncture treatments, I was experiencing longer stretches between migraines. Eventually I stopped getting migraines altogether thanks to his treatments. I continue to see Bill as other ailments come up in life (work stressors, difficulty sleeping, hormonal mood swings, etc.).

I have felt so safe and confident under his care and guidance.  He is a healer: taking care to treat not only the (sometimes miserable) symptoms but taking the time to find the root cause, which really shows his dedication as a healer. He listens with the intent to understand, not with the intent to respond and rush you out the door. He takes time to hear out the problem areas and will work with you on the treatment. I’ve especially enjoyed his suggested breathing/grounding exercises, which help when I have been in especially stressful situations. 

Liz S.

Herndon, VA

My cancer center referred me to Bill Reddy for acupuncture treatment for chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. These treatments have significantly decreased my neuropathy symptoms. Specifically, I had experienced a considerable loss of balance that resulted in a fall. Bill’s acupuncture treatment has not only lessened my neuropathy, but my overall well-being is also much improved. Bill has a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy & physiology and his treatments have reduced or eliminated many of the lingering effects of my chemo. The fear of recurrence is always with many cancer patients and Bill’s holistic wellness approach has had a major impact on my return to my previous good health.

Jo Ann H.

Fairfax, VA

Over the past twenty years or so Bill Reddy has treated me for at least three ailments. My first encounter was for back spasms which would put me on the floor for many minutes, flat on my back, unable to even roll over. These were caused primarily from deteriorating discs in my lower back.

I initially underwent around eight sessions. Since then, with one or two annual ‘tune up’ visits for 3-4 years, I have not since, experienced any such spasms!

Since then, Bill has helped successfully, with a few sessions for Plantar Fasciitis and most recently 8 sessions for a slightly torn Rotator Cuff.

Bill, is a highly qualified (at one time Director of the US Acupuncture organization) personable and extremely motivated to treat the whole person. He spends the time to seek knowledge of not only the specific issue but to get to know each individual and at the onset of each session inquires not just about the primary cause but any other issues one might have. For example, while undergoing treatment for the rotator cuff tear, I developed a difficult cold, he did additional needle work for that and recommended a couple OTC supplements which helped greatly.

Bill, is someone I highly recommend, not only because of his expertise but due to his high integrity and compassion.

Al S.

Springfield, VA

I have been a patient of Bill’s for quite a while.  I usually go to him when feel a cold coming on or have a fresh injury.  I find that if I go to him right away my recovery is much quicker.  His treatments are always relaxing and pain free.  Most importantly, I always feel better than when I arrived for the session.  Bill takes time to talk with his patients to examine the root cause of the issue and treats it; his concern is not numbers on a chart or a lab test, but the health and well-being of the patient. 

Jeremy H.

Crystal City, VA

I am not a big fan of needles. Bill has a way of comforting you before your treatment to see how you and your body are doing. An acupuncture session with Bill is like therapy. I always feel like a new, improved person after each treatment. Bill is very personable and he really cares about his patients. He has helped me on my healing journey in many ways.

Chris H.

Arlington, VA

I am grateful for the healing under Bill’s expert care. As a cancer treatment patient, multiple areas of concern have been addressed with each visit. The acupuncture treatments have resulted in successful and lasting outcomes. I have learned so much from Bill which is a bonus. 

Carla P.

Alexandria, VA

I had been experiencing chronic insomnia for many years and tried multiple different treatments with no success.  It was severe enough to become a major health concern and I was completely exhausted, both physically and mentally.  When my PCP suggested I try acupuncture, I discovered Bill Reddy’s practice a little over a year ago.  

A typical appointment includes a discussion of any issues or concerns that I have, with Bill asking a few questions to determine the appropriate treatment.   Questions include the quality of my sleep in the past few days or weeks, and if there were any changes in general health, stress, pain, etc.   At that point, he will apply the treatment, adjust the room temperature to ensure that I’m comfortable, and leave the room for the duration of the treatment.  It’s a very calming and soothing experience, during which I regularly fall into a deep sleep (this came as a huge surprise to me the first few times it happened, as in addition to not being able to sleep at night, I’ve never been able to nap during the day).   After the appointment, I am always relaxed and any stress I had earlier in the day has melted away.

For those who have concerns with acupuncture needles, they are so thin in diameter that I actually can’t feel them when he applies them.   That these pain-free, very fine needles work as well as they do is a testament to Bill’s extensive study in the field and his knowledge of exactly where to place them.  

I can now report that I regularly get good sleep and it has improved my health and well-being immensely.  Before I discovered Bill’s practice, I was dragging myself through the day and spending night after night awake worrying about another exhausted day to come.  Now I can go to bed, fall asleep, and stay asleep, or fall back asleep if I do wake up during the night.  I’m actually waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in many years.  I feel really great on a daily basis, and I have so much more energy to get things done. 

In summary, Bill is the kind of practitioner who cares about his patients and takes as much time as necessary to listen to their concerns, which coupled with his extensive experience, skill, and knowledge lead to treatments that actually work.  I am so glad that I found his practice and I am happy to recommend him to anyone experiencing pain, insomnia, stress, or any other problems that interfere with health and well-being.


Fairfax, VA

I am a current patient of Bill Reddy, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. for the past three years. When I was diagnosed with AFib, I searched for complementary forms of support to that prescribed by my cardiologist. There is significant literature on the benefit of acupuncture to AFib treatment such as the World Journal of Cardiology 2012 (March 26 published in PubMed). A quick Google search brings up many more references. I find Bill to be very knowledgeable about acupuncture and application to cardiology concerns. He did a thorough intake and discussed other potential areas of treatment. I find Mr. Reddy very knowledgeable about integrative medicine in general and helpful in seeking alternatives to support traditional treatment and medicines. I appreciate the support for approaches that include lifestyle, nutrition, traditional medicine, and integrative approaches. Bill is very patient oriented and contributes greatly to positive outcomes.  

Jim Spengler

Alexandria, VA

I have been seeing Bill Reddy for acupuncture treatments over 20 years and he is truly a gifted healer! He has successfully treated me for everything from recovery from a serious car accidents, digestive problems, and post surgical healing, not to mention a genuine sense of well being/balance. Bill takes more time with me, listening to my history and description of symptoms at intake, than any other medical professional I have ever gone to.  He is sensitive, kind, thorough, and a skilled practitioner on many cross-disciplines. My good health would not be where it is today if not for him. I have referred countless friends to him and cannot recommend him enough.

Margo G.

Mount Vernon, VA

If you are looking for a fantastic acupuncturist, you need to call Bill Reddy today! 

When I found myself having a couple of issues with my gut and back, I turned to acupuncture to see if this method of treatment would help.  Upon my initial consultation and treatment with Bill, I knew he was the acupuncturist for me.  Bill is knowledgeable, thorough, mindful and discusses the appropriate route of treatment.   After only a few visits, I found myself feeling better and my gut was happier.  Over the months as I continued the acupuncture treatments with Bill, I continue to see improvement.  I can’t say enough to Bill about how his treatments have made my gut better and I no longer have the abdominal pain I use to suffer from.  I’ve continued to see Bill over the past year because his bi-monthly treatments have kept me feeling good.  And with each visit, if something new ails me, Bill is ready and willing to address it and treat it.  Bill is an excellent acupuncturist that is knowledgeable, highly experienced and cares about his patients.  I highly recommend Bill as the acupuncturist of choice.    *****

Andrea Bickley

Fairfax, VA

Bill Reddy has been my acupuncture therapist since 2020. His calm, warm, kind, and professional demeanor helped me to relax and be receptive to the treatments. I have greatly benefited under his care and have achieved significant relief from severe, chronic back pain.

M. Miller

Upper Marlboro, MD

I developed a rare disorder in March 2020. It’s lumped under Vertigo as a classification but it’s really not vertigo. You feel like you are constantly moving, and for me I felt like I was in a dingy in a hurricane. I was bedridden the first year while traditional Doctors tried to diagnose me. Finally getting a diagnosis from Johns Hopkins, I followed the protocol for treatment. Anti-depressants, vestibular PT, and cognitive behavior training.  I started feeling better but still limited as to what I could do and I just couldn’t seem to get any better. And then I met Bill, recommended by a former patient of his. And, this very kind, gentle soul listened compassionately to my story. Determined to fix me, he applied a very conservative approach to my treatment. I was so relaxed after the first treatment I literally floated to my car. After the second treatment, my swaying changed from side to side to front to back and much less pronounced. I had improvement in my symptoms after each visit.  He made me feel better than all the other treatments I had tried combined. He is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and his expertise in Acupuncture is amazing. Bill has such a great connection with all of his patients and he truly cares about you. I thank him every day for how far he has brought me. There is nothing I can’t do now.  When I look back at how sick I was and how he has brought me back to an almost normal life, I will forever be indebted to him. 

Jan S.

Springfield, VA